Gangnam Style rapper Psy booed during performance at soccer game

South Korean rapper Psy was recently booed at an Italian Cup Final where he performed his smashing hit song Gangnam Style.

The 35-year-old got a negative response from the audiences as he gave a performance during half-time of the soccer match, reported Aceshowbiz. He got booed by thousands of soccer fans who had come to to watch the match between Roma and Lazio. Organisers of the event reportedly turned the volume up to drown out the boos. Psy looked embarrassed by the negative response, but he managed to finish his song and thank the crowd for the opportunity to perform at the big game.

Meanwhile, Psy had a difficult time in Italy, as a person who looked like him appeared at Monaco Grand Prix and was spotted enjoying the VIP festivities. He almost fooled celebrities like Amanda Holden and David Hasselhoff. Both of them even took pictures with the fake Psy.

Holden had tweeted a photo of her with the Psy look-alike and said, "Not sure if this guy is kosher?! Rumors circulating he was a fake? What do YOU think?(sic)" While Hasselhoff tweeted, "Was that really Psy ? I think not!!(sic)"

The fake PSY also appeared at the 66th Cannes Film Festival last week. The real Psy, who was miles away in Singapore, confirmed that the man at the film festival was not him.