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Political Tensions Escalate Between The U.S. And Russia

Indonesian Navy and Coast Guard may order up to 20 Aron littoral combat WIG Craft

US mulls P-3 MPA sale to Vietnam

New SA missile technology development project

Xi Jinping calls on navy to be prepared for struggle

Vietnam, Russia further boost military cooperation

Thailand: Gripen Jets Slated for Piracy Patrol

U.S. Helps Vietnam Defend Fishermen Who 'Get into Trouble' With China

Psychological warfare in the South China Sea

'US needs to watch carefully rise of Chinese military'

North Korea warns foreigners to leave South amid new threats of war

Singapore requests AMRAAM missiles

ASEAN chief pushes RI to act on South China Sea dispute

A Chinese show of force to remember in the South China Sea

Here's Lockheed's new stealthy attack drone design

Japan deploys two Aegis destroyers in East Sea

USS John C. Stennis CSG Operates in South China Sea

Bomb Explosion Rocks Central Damascus

Boeing unveils updated F/A-XX sixth-gen fighter concept

China in Row with Vietnam over Tourist Plans for South China Sea Islands

PM Dung calls on air force to get stronger

Growing fears that North Korea actually has the technology to launch nuclear missiles

Mass rallies held in DPRK