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Korea ready to purchase 60 F-35 CTOL fighter aircraft from United States.

South China sea nations vary in approaches to press claims

Russian bomber conducts practice strikes on US missile defenses in Asia

Singapore Orders AIM 9X-2 Sidewinder Missiles

US deployment of 12 fighter jets to the Philippines the largest ever

North Korea advises foreign embassies to evacuate staff

Vietnam to Push Ahead With Offshore Exploration

Boeing to make flying torpedoes able to attack enemy submarines from 30,000 feet

Bluefin Robotics completes deep water testing of DARPA UUV

Fire-breathing dragon bridge opens in Vietnam

S.Korea to Buy Bunker-Buster Missiles from Europe

North Korea warns 'moment of explosion' nears

U.S., NATO Expand Into Asia-Pacific With North Korea's help

Vietnam launches the second domestic made high-speed missile boat

Russia: Msta-S Howitzer, Grad Multiple Launch Rocket Systems Destroy “Enemy” Targets

US backs Philippines bid for arbitration on sea row

Vietnamese air defense plans to equip Pantsir-S1

US deploys sea-based radar amid N. Korea tensions

China's Assertiveness Threatens Peace In South China Sea

Chinese naval taskforce back to South China Sea

Beijing’s new kingpins taking aggressive maritime stance

The first Vietnam-made Project 1241.8 will be joined to the Navy

DSME Completes of the Indonesian Submarine’s Basic Design

US presses Asia 'pivot' with Singapore PM

Vietnam marine police to step up East Sea protection for fishermen

South China Sea Dispute: U.S. Proxy Conflict With China

Indochina falling under Russia's influence again

Club-K anti-ship missile sold to Southeast Asia

Embarrassment for PLA as photos of fatal military air crash emerge on Weibo

Israel's Syria spy cameras tracked Russian navy

'Chinese military publicly assertive under new leadership'

12 Ospreys headed to Japan in July, bound for Futenma

China stepping up drone deployment: Dirty Secrets

Taiwan deploys large patrol vessel

Japanese Study: Rising China Disregarding Neighbors

The Vietnam-made Molniya class Project 1241.1/ 1241.8 Missile Boat