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Beidou system starts service in Asia-Pacific

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The South China Sea: Troubled Waters

Russian warships begin military exercises in the Mediterranean Sea

New Chinese destroyer ready for debut, report says

China reacts cautiously to Vietnam Prime Minister's India call

More Russian S-300PMU1 and Su-30MK2 will be supplied to Vietnam

Royal Cambodian AF Buys Z-9 Haituns

North Vietnam, 1972: The Christmas bombing of Hanoi

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"China braves surging waves to guard sovereignty"

India to Buy More Russian Fighter Jets, Helicopters

Arms sales top Putin's agenda in India

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N.Korea suspected of trying to develop ICBM

Astra missile intercepts Lakshya, India - Test fire successfully

Pakistan Navy Test-fires Land-Attack Missile

US to deploy newest navy ships, weapons to Asia-Pacific