China's new missile brigade marks Hanoi as target

China has set up a new missile brigade in its southern province of Guangdong as part of a "shock and awe" strategy to deter other countries with claims to the South China Sea from challenging its dominance in the region.
Citing sources familiar with the matter, the United Daily News said the new 827 Ballistic Missile Brigade is based in Guangdong's Shaoguan City.

While the brigade's administrative building was still under construction at the end of March, missile launch vehicles had been posted at the Shaoguan base.

Missiles installed at the base might include Dongfeng (DF)-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles and Dongfeng-16 -- a new type of ballistic missile that has a longer range than anything in China's current cross-Taiwan Strait arsenal.

Judging from Shaoguan's geographic location, they said, the 827 Missile Brigade is apparently charged with the mission of intimidating Taiwan and countries bordering the South China Sea.

For instance, Hanoi, Vietnam's capital, is less than 1,000 km away from Shaoguan. If a conflict breaks out between China and Vietnam over their conflicting claims to the South China Sea island groups, the 827 Missile Brigade could include Hanoi as a target.