China launched strategic missile archive photos

23/12/2012- Chinese strategic missile force is also known under the name 2nd Artillery Brigade has always been a mystery to the media and strategic analysis of many countries in the world.

However, along with Beijing increasingly confident about the military, the images of China strategic missile forces appear more and more on Chinese and foreign military websites.

There are certain number of images by the state media uploaded to show off the power of this force, but there are many series of pictures is tossed on the military forums and other online news websites such as Sina.

Warhead missiles photos in stock are posted by Sina made the curious attention of the public

There are pictures describing missile warheads assembly process appeared on the Internet

Dongfeng missiles on dedicated trucks, as well as a launch pad and they can be launched right on the highway.

With many different messages transmitting through these images

A warehouse of China's missile that CCTV gave on a report.

Dongfeng missiles were taken to field exercises.

China strategic missile has been launched twice with capacity threating to The U.S

Chinese missiles are arraying.