Equipment of Vietnam Gepard stealth frigates

23/12/2012- Gepard stealth missile frigate is the most modern and the the largest warships of the Vietnam People's Navy (VPN). Vietnam had received 2 ships from Russia in 2011 and ordered 2 more that are building.

The first ship No. HQ-011 named Dinh Tien Hoang

The second No. HQ-012 named Ly Thai To

The ship equipped with firepower, advanced electronic systems. In the photo is gunboat Ak-176M 76mm caliber can destroy targets at sea and in the air at a maximum range of 15km

Next the gunboat Ak-176M is a combination of automatic-air missile batteries Palma used to destroy all airborne targets. The complex is equipped with two six-barreled cannon size 30mm (rate of fire of 5,000 rounds / min, range of 4km) and 8 surface-to-air missiles, short-Sosna-R (range of 10km, 5km high).

Gepard 3.9 is equipped with 2 flak combination of Ak-630 at the stern. Combination of size 6 barrels of 30mm cannon equipped with high rate of fire used for intercept anti-ship cruise missiles and aircraft.

Main firepower is the combination of anti-ship cruise missiles Uran-E (8 units) placed in the middle of the hull. Uran-E missile equipped with bullet subsonic reached maximum range of 130 km. Vietnam has ready for locally produce a kind of missile similar with Uran-E called X-35 reached range of 300km.

Gepard 3.9 stealth frigate launched Kh-35 Uran-E in in the experiment in Russia before handing over to Vietnam.

The warship was designed with a helicopter deck at the stern.

Radar tower on board

Control room in the ship

Gepard 3.9 ships are patrolling in East Vietnam Sea (also called The South China Sea)


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