Military training at the Naval Brigade 172

22/12/2012- By working in Brigade ship missile, torpedo 172 (Vietnam Navy Region 3), although the last days of the year, the central coastal region of dry hot weather, but officers and soldiers of the unit lively emulation "good training, combat readiness," make achievement victory to celebrate 40 years of "Hanoi - Dien Bien Phu in the air" and the 68 years anniversary of the Vietnam People's Army - 23 years of People's Defense Affairs, 22-12.

Officers and soldiers of Brigade ship missile, torpedo 172 (Navy Command Region 3) training plans to fight for sovereignty over the sea and islands of the country.

On the road took us to visit the officers and soldiers of the missile ship fleet, torpedo boats, the units are training in the treatment plan to fight and combat situations at sea ports Military Region 3, Brigade 172, Senior Lieutenant Colonel Pham Van Hung excited to inform a good news: Implement training motto "basic, practical, solid", synchronous training seriously, specialized deep, close combat tasks and objects; and control armament techniques proficiently, with experiential learning how to fight the enemy...


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