Philippines Navy Buys 3 AW-109

Dec 29, 2012- The Philippines Navy has acquired three AgustaWestland AW-109 worth USD 32.5 million under an emergency procurement program. The procurement of the naval variant AW-109 is part of the Government’s plan to boost the Navy’s capability under its military modernasation program. It also shows that the Philippines is committed to protect its territorial sovereignty as well as the stabilization of this region.

The Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet Air Air had previously operated three AW-109 which were used for training purposes. These helicopters, once operated by 723 Sqn RAN, were recently replaced by three Bell 429 leased for similar role that were lest behind by the out-going AW-109.

Beside the RAN’s FAA, other naval user of the AW-109 is the Bangladesh Navy which operates two of such helicopter.

The Strait Times


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