S. Korean media: DPRK deploys missiles

Dec 27, 2012- South Korean media says the DPRK has deployed more than 900 ballistic missiles at 3 separate sites across the country.

KBS news agency reports that the 3 zones are for the use of the launch of short, middle and long-range missiles. DPRK leader Kim Jong-un is said to have paid a visit to the headquarters in charge of missile launches, which is seen as key to the DPRK's missile deployment.

Earlier this month, the DPRK successfully launched a satellite into orbit. The launch was the DPRK's second attempt to launch a long-range rocket this year, and its 5th since 1998. The US and its key Asian allies accuse the launch of being a cover for a ballistic missile test and a violation of UN resolution. The DPRK denies the claims.