Vietnam air defense S-300 ready for combat

23/12/2012- Vietnam People's Air Force (VPAF) has equiped 2 systems of S-300PMU1 with 12 launchers including 72 missiles and VPAF had intended to buy two more system from Russia.

Launch vehicle deployed combat readiness

According to Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Dinh Mui - Vice shief of the brigade, the missile systems are the modern kind on the world: Combination of S-300PMU1 is the multi-channel air defense with high maneuverability and the main component of radiation and radar control station can simultaneously control stick 12 warheads and 6 targets from 5 to 150 km range, radar stations can easily recognize all altitude with multi-channel and multi-function, can find, automatic sticking to 100 flying vehicle from a distance of 300 km.

All operations are automated, less than 5 minutes after the whole team fighting is ready for combat. Combat situations is given: at the same time 5 top goals enemy (with multipurpose fighters, strategic bombers, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles) fly in different high resolution (from 10 m to 21,000 m), using negative and positive interference, anti-radar missiles, violated the airspace of the country. Under the command of the Leader - Colonel Lam Xuan Hai, only 4 minutes with 6 rocket ammunition, the officers, monitoring the exposure control on the radio and 30H6E1 quickly handle noise, destroy target enemy lines, to complete the task, to disable anti-radar missiles, to protect the brigate air defense and equipment safety.

With advanced technology, S-300PMU1 can protect against all types of enemy interference. Compared to the U.S. Patriot missile, the S-300PMU1 excels in three key points: combat deployment time shorter (5 minutes versus 15 minutes), release method (vertical versus release tilt; controls 2 missiles at the same time to a target (Patriot only control 1).