Vietnam multi-purpose fighter Su-30MK2V

22/12/2012- Vietnam's multi-purpose fighters Su-30MK2V of the Vietnam People's Air Force can load 8 tons of weapons and held many roles.

First weapon of Vietnam Su-30MK2V is GSh-30-1 30mm cannon (150 rounds) for air fighting extreme close range, at the distance that missile is not effect. In the photo, the technicians are loaded 30mm cannon placed in the fuselage. (source: VPA).

In their task to destroy airborne targets, Su-30MK2V is able to carry six air-to-air missiles. In the photo, the heat-to-air guided missiles, Vympel R-73 has a range of 20km, cruise speed reaches mach 2.5.

Medium-range air-to-air missile R-27 has a range of 70-80km, equipped self guided warhead radar or infrared.

Medium-range air-to-air missile R-77 has a range of 80km, to intercept targets at height of 5m-25km.

In tasks for air-to-land / surface, Su-30MK2V carries six missiles against ground targets, ships, radar. In the photo, a medium-range anti-ship missile Kh-31A reaches a range of 25-50km.

Anti-radar missiles Kh-31P has a range of 110km with automatically guided radar

Air-to-surface missiles Kh-29 has a range of 10-30km (depending on variant). Kh-29 is capable of breaking the military buildings, bridges or can destroy ships up to 10,000 DWT.

Long-range air-to-surface missiles Kh-59ME has a range of up to 110km, fitted explosive warhead weighing 320kg. However, most likely that it have not equipped in the Vietnam People's Air Force (VPAF).

To attack ground targets, Su-30MK2V is equipped guided bomb as KAB-1500KR (maximum of 3 ), KAB-500KR (maximum of 6).

Su-30MK2V can also carry unguided bombs, including: FAB-500T (8 bombs maximun) and OFAB-250-270 (28 maximun)


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