Additional 43 more maps confirming Paracel and Spratly islands do not belong to China

Jan 8, 2013- Danang, a city in Vietnam to manage territories of Paracel Islands, has collaborated with the Research Institute for social and economic development in Da Nang and Da Nang Museum held the exhibition showing maps document and research document to confirm that Paracel and Spratly Islands do not belong to China's sovereignty.

Up to now, Danang has received 150 maps (110 original maps and the 40 reproduction maps) were printed in the UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, the United States and Hong Kong (China) in the rangeperiod from 1626 - 1980.

General points of the maps is Chinese territory always be highlighted in different colors or limited by the bold lines to distinguish China's border with neighbors showing the southernmost of China has only been limit of Hainan Island. In the serial maps, there are many showing the Spratly and Paracel Islands are part of Vietnamese territories.


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