China's new death-braving J-6 UAVs stationed near Diaoyu Islands

Jan 10, 2013- One January 2013 report by Kanwa Defense Review states that there are over 55 J-6 jets deployed in China's Changshui Airbase in Fujian Province. That number has been significantly larger than that in July 2011. The newly constructed airbase is China's closest airfield from the disputed island group, Diaoyu called by China and Senkaku by Japan.

What's more interesting is that the decommissioned J-6s have been brought back into service, and made into a new type of UAVs capable of working together with China's newly-launched Beidou Navigation System, the equivalent of U.S. GPS. Some speculate that the new UAVs might be of use in patrolling the disputed island group.


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