China plans to build 36 marine law enforcement vessels in next five years

Jan 25, 2013- Right safeguarding and law enforcement tasks in China are substantial because of the vast territorial waters under its jurisdiction.

It is reported that an additional 11 decommissioned vessels of Chinese navy are modified or rebuilt into ocean surveillance ships to alleviate the shortage in the number of marine right safeguarding vessels.

814 boat converted into a 112 China Marine Surveillance ship.

It is a routine practice in China as well as a common practice around the world to modify and rebuild decommissioned naval vessels before handing them over to maritime surveillance and fishery departments. These decommissioned naval vessels mainly include destroyers, icebreakers, and surveying vessels. The modification process mainly includes dismantling of the missiles, heavy caliber artillery, and other heavy weaponry. The naval vessels with relatively large tonnage and carrying platforms are equipped with as many helicopters as possible to perform maritime public affairs and law enforcement. The cabin is also modified to store more oil, water, and other supplies so that the law enforcement ships can sail in sea for longer time.

China Marine Surveillance Corps is the marine administrative and law enforcement team subordinate to the State Oceanic Administration, mainly responsible for patrolling and surveillance on the territorial waters under China's jurisdiction to investigate and handle violations of maritime rights and interests, illegal exploitation of the territorial waters, damage to maritime environments and resources, destruction of offshore installations, disrupt of maritime order, and other illegal behaviors.

With the increasingly intensified struggles in safeguarding maritime rights, China plans to build 36 maritime law enforcement vessels in the next five years in order to enhance its maritime rights safeguarding and law enforcement capacity. Reinforced by the new generation of maritime law enforcement vessels, the capacity of China's maritime law enforcement vessels will be significantly improved in terms of overall tonnage, voyage endurance, and functions.