China's South Sea Fleet to drill at the Spratlys

Jan 30, 2013- China's South Sea Fleet will conduct training of all combat attack, defense, ensuring contact, and assist in support maritime warfare in the Scarborough area (in the Spratly Islands, East Vietnam Sea).

Chinese naval ships guardian 560 (illustration)

Chinese Navy's website on January 30th reported, to "meet the requirements of maritime warfare in the future, expand the historical mission", 2 bodyguard ships in the South Sea Fleet,Chinese Navy has recently come to the west coast of Scarborough Shoal gotten ready for "patrol exercises".

According to news reports, in the battle plan of two guardian ships, the South Sea Fleet's sailors will perform all tactical training attack, defense, assured communication expenditures to support maritime warfare in Scarborough area.

The news did not specify the exact time and location of the exercise which they called "patrol", but said the exercises lasting up to 36 hours and two ships "side by side" conducts warfare.


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