UAV In Royal Thai Air Force

Jan 3, 2013- As part of the military’s effort to kick start its indigenous UAV program as well as allowing its personnel to acquire significant knowledge and experience in UAV operation and technologies, the RTAF has acquired three CyberEye II TUAV from a Malaysian company known as SAPURA in early 2010. Beside the CyberEye II, RTAF also operates 22 ADS Aerostar UAV from Israel in 2011.


RTAF Aerostar UAV

The Thai military has embarked on its own UAV design and development by introducing several prototypes which include RTA Thai UAV, RTAF Tigershark II and many more. Realising the potential of UAV in naval use, the Navy is currently developing the KSM 150 VTOL UAV.

A prototype of RTA Thai UAV

RTAF Tigershark II prototype

RTN VTOL UAV prototype

The Royal Thai Army on the other hand has acquired 12 Aerovironment RQ-11 Raven in 2010. These UAV procurement as well as the development of indigenous UAV design might someday brought Thailand as one of the leading ASEAN countries in terms of UAV operation not only for military purposes but also for other uses as well.

RTA soldiers while training to use the Raven

Thailand's new unknow name UAV bought from The UK

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