Vietnam, Japan protest the moves occupying the sea by military force

Jan. 17, 2013- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his Vietnamese counterpart Nguyen Tan Dung on Wednesday Jan 16, 2013 have agreed to strengthen bilateral security relations in the context of China's aggressive increasingly.

Abe is in Hanoi on the first oversea trip to South East Asia since he took office last month.

The Japanese Kyodo news agency quoted Deputy Chief of Japanese Cabinet Hiroshige Seko said that the two Prime Ministers reaffirmed the standpoint that protest all moves to "use arm forces to change the current relationship" in the South China Sea.

It sounds that Mr. Seko mentions about tensions over sovereignty in the South China Sea between China with Vietnam and the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the latest news received from Xinhua, China's maritime patrol 21 vessel on Monday, Jan 16 has come to Woody Island (known as Phu Lam Island in Vietnam) in the Paracel Islands.

The sailing of the vessel, purposes for testing of communication equipments, will end on Jan 19 with a total journey of about 600 nautical miles.

Mr Nguyen Tan Dung said, after talking with Prime Minister Abe, that the leaders of the two countries share the point of view that disputes and issues in the Asia-Pacific needs to be resolved “through peaceful negotiations on the basis of international law”.

Mr. Abe, was quoted, said that Tokyo and Hanoi also face the common challenges in the region and economic support in the role of partner.

Japan is currently training officers of Vietnam Marine Police.

Prime Minister Abe also said Japan will continue to promote political and security cooperation with Vietnam.

However, Mr Shinzo Abe told their Vietnamese counterpart Nguyen Tan Dung that Japan considers its relationship with China is "one of the most important bilateral relationship" and Tokyo will strive to maintain and enhance dialogue with Beijing to keep economic relations, which are experiencing stressful around the sovereignty dispute in the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea.

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