VPA performs combat readiness exercise

Jan 13, 2013- These days, Vietnam People's Army (VPA) holds the combat readiness exercise at Mieu Mon Military Training Center.

Tank Brigade 201 to be deployed to the training field.

More than 500 trainees of the 2013 whole army military training course observed the move to the higher state of combat readiness at Tank Brigade 201 of the Tank-Armoured Arm and Anti-aircraft Missile Corps 64 of Anti-aircraft Division 361 on January 9th.

In the morning, at Tank Brigade 201, they viewed the operation of Battalion 3 and the movement of tanks to evacuation zones.

In the afternoon, they observed Anti-aircraft Missile Corps 64 loading, positioning and concealing weapons, performing formation and giving an order of operation.

Directing the exercise, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of Vietnam People’s Army, Lieutenant-General Nguyen Quoc Khanh acknowledged participating units’ efforts in preparing and practising the move to the higher state of combat readiness, ensuring the set requirements were met.

He also pointed out some shortcomings and asked the units to learn from experience and continue doing research and completing related contents to promote training quality and combat readiness in the years to come.

Hereafter are some photos of the exercise, taken by reporters Hoang Ha and Duy Dong.

Tank formation heading for evacuation zones

Fire opening to support for infantry platoon across the river to attack enemy targets

An infantry platoon prepares to cross the river to attack the enemy targets

The infantry platoon is crossing the river to attack the enemy targets.

Colonel General Do Ba Ty, Chief of Staff, Deputy of Minister of Defense to visit the room of arms products.



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