China's response to Vietnam about receiving Russia's submarine

Vietnam will receive six submarines project 636, with a total value of $ 2 billion. The contract also includes the construction of coastal infrastructure to deploy the ships and crew training. Project 636 is a comprehensive plan to modernize of 877EKM Kilo class submarine of the Soviet Union, with high stealth features, installing modern electronic devices and loading potential missiles.

Vietnam Kilo class submarine named 'Hanoi'

Some Chinese military commentator has expressed concern that Vietnam owns the new submarine. Of these, A Major Minister of PLA (Vietnamese: Doãn Trác), who said that the Vietnamese submarines could threaten vital sea routing through the Strait of Malacca and the South China Sea (East Sea). China imported crude oil and other raw materials from Africa and the Middle East through this route.

China has specially paid attention to the activities of foreign submarines in the South China Sea (SCS) since a new Chinese submarine base was built near the Sanya city, Hainan. It's the place China nuclear submarines equipped missiles Julang-2. The Chinese government said that the activities of foreign navies in the region is threatening potential strategic nuclear deterrent force in the country.

China clearly can not be indifferent to the continuous expression enhanced the strength of the Vietnamese Navy, at a time when tensions territorial disputes between the two countries still exist. However, China's attitude toward Vietnam not like the move to head for Japan and the Philippines (the U.S. ally China also binding on territorial sovereignty issue).

In addition to the national relationship with Vietnam, China to maintain and respect the communication between the two communist parties. Vietnam always has a serious role in China's policies in Southeast Asia. Trade turnover between the two countries in 2011 exceeded 25 billion dollars and will not stop. If China can pressure policy in its relations with Japan and the Philippines, then to Hanoi, Beijing's task is to attract cooperation.

So, China has responded curb the Vietnam ordered new aircraft, Molnya missile ships and submarines from Russia. Beijing understood that efforts to improve Vietnam's military hard-scale comparable to the modernization of the Chinese armed forces. In the case of stopping military technical cooperation between Russia and Vietnam, Hanoi might be interested in working more closely with Washington. This does not bring any benefits to both Russia and China.


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