Vietnam's submarine may be armed with the fastest torpedoes in the world

In 2013, Vietnam will receive two modern attack submarines, Kilo class Project 636 from Russia. According to Russian sources, Kilo submarines for Vietnam have improved its electronic system.

In particular, Vietnam Kilo 636 submarines equipped with combination supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles Klub, it has capable of destroying targets on the sea surface at a range of up to 300km. The Klub missile have known as "aircraft carrier killer".

In addition, Vietnam Kilo class subs carry the Russian-made fastest torpedoes in the world ​​called "VA-111 Shkval".

The world's fastest torpedo

With the design requirements of a high-speed torpedo, scientists have applied a completely new technology to create "super-bubble" covers optical pulse torpedoes. This design nearly eliminates all friction of water to help it get faster speed.

Torpedo VA-111 moves underwater in a bubble chamber should be called "super compartment torpedo" reaching speeds of more than 370km/ h, a speed which is not a torpedo in the world can compare.

VA-111 was fired from the standard torpedo launchers of 533mm with a speed of 93km/ h. Then the liquid fuel rocket engine will be activated push it reaches the speed of more than 370km/ h. Some sources said recently, the speed of the torpedo can be up to 560km / h thanks to the applications of new rocket motor.

Source: Tien Phong News Agency


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