China and Pakistan Make Secret Nuclear Deal

China and Pakistan Make Secret Nuclear Deal
Adding to the concern of a growing anti-American bloc in Asia is China’s nuclear cooperation with Pakistan.

Last Thursday, The Washington Free Beacon reported that the two countries have entered into a secret nuclear agreement. A tacit admission came today when (march 15) Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei said the cooperative nuclear program between China and Pakistan is for peaceful purposes. He also denied claims that the deal violates international anti-nuclear treaties.

Quoting US officials, the Washington Free Beacon said the new deal was struck following a visit by Pakistani delegates to China in February.

The Chinese regime had helped Pakistan build two nuclear reactors already. Under the new agreement, China’s state-run China National Nuclear Corp will build another 1,000-megawatt power plant in northern Pakistan. The Chinese company is the Chinese regime’s main nuclear weapon’s producer. US intelligence had linked it to Pakistan’s nuclear arms program.


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