Chinese H-6 bomber conducts air strike exercise in The South China Sea, video

Chinese Navy website recently said bombers of a H-6 Air regiment flew from a military airport in Guangxi province to the South China Sea for patrolling, reconnaissance and bombing targets assumed as "the enemy's warships" in the South China Sea.

Beijing Military analysts said the move above is extremely important significance for the formation of mobility capabilities of the Chinese fighters from bases in mainland pulling straight down to Spratly Islands (under Vietnam's sovereignty, a number of rocky illegally occupied by China).

Note: Video made by Chinese TV, all information about the so-called "sovereignty of China" in the South China Sea including Spratly and Paracel Archipelagos shown in this video is wrong and worthless

The Xian H-6 long range bomber of the 10th bomber division/ 28th Air Regiment of the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF).


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