Indian Navy exercises in Arabian Sea

NEW DELHI, March 3 (Xinhua) -- The Indian Navy has carried out a major exercise in the Arabian Sea over the last 30 days, during which it has honed its combat skills as well as its operational strategy, local media reported Sunday.
nuclear-powered submarine INS Chakra
India's nuclear-powered submarine INS Chakra

More than 50 warships, including the stealth frigates and nuclear-powered submarine INS Chakra, from the Indian Navy's eastern fleet and the western fleet, took part in the exercise, along with 75 fighter jets and choppers, 'The Times of India' newspaper reported, quoting officials as saying.

The exercise, codenamed Tropex, also witnessed the Indian Navy practice operational concepts like maritime manoeuvre from the sea in a bid to show its readiness in case of a swift and high-tempo conflict in the future, the report said.

Elements from the Indian Air Force and the para-military Coast Guard also participated in the exercise, it said.


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