LIMA 2013: The Battle Between Rafale and Typhoon

Rafale International, which is set to woo visitors with its jaw-dropping aerial maneuvers at LIMA 2013, hopes to showcase its technical capabilities, innovative development and meet like-minded experts.

Dassault Rafale while performing during LIMA 2011

The fighter aircraft company said LIMA 2013 was a good platform for Rafale which anticipated to receive quality trade visitors during the five-day exhibition which begins tomorrow.

The company, a joint-venture of companies comprising aerospace leaders Dassault Aviation, Snecma (Safran Group) and Thales, has been in active
collaboration with Malaysian partners.

In line with its goal to create the Rafale Network of Excellence in Malaysia, several agreements and MoUs have been inked with local industry players, organisations and institutions.

Rafale does not only produce the most critical technologies but also invests into human capital development in high-value industries and remained committed
to the local market by supporting the development, especially, of small-and-medium entrepreneurs through technology transfer.

The company had earlier said it had developed a commercial and industry programme for interested local firms that would become part of its supply chain,
involving jet component production and application.

Rafale hoped the initiative would contribute significantly to Malaysia’s economy in becoming a high-income nation.

Meanwhile, another contender for the RMAF Mig-29N/NUB replacement fighter program, the Eurofighter Typhoon will also making its way in this year’s LIMA 2013.

The RAF will deploy its Typhoon aircraft to participate in the forthcoming Five Powers Defence Agreement Exercise 2013 (FPDA) and LIMA 2013.

Eurofighter Typhoon while performing at LIMA 2011

United Kingdom Trade and Investment in a statement said that RAF Typhoons would conduct the first official display in this year’s LIMA edition.

It said whilst in the region, the aircraft from RAF Leuchers would be based mainly at the Butterworth AFB, detaching to LIMA for the display. The RAF would also conduct bi-lateral training exercises with the RMAF front-line squadrons.

“An opportunity for each to work together, exploring the capabilities of respective aircraft types and further developing the warm relationship that they
currently enjoy,” it said.

RAF Typhoon pilot, Flight Lieutenant Jamie Norris of No 29 SQN RAF (the Typhoon Operational Unit) said he was looking forward to putting the Typhoon through it’s paces.

“It will be an honour to display at LIMA and to have the opportunity to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the Typhoon. This will be my first visit to Malaysia and LIMA will give me the opportunity to meet the crowd and engage with fellow pilots.

“I’m aware that RAF and RMAF have exercised over many years and I look forward to the opportunity of sharing ideas and common practices,” he said.

The presence at LIMA 2013 and the FPDA exercise reflects the important relationship between the United Kingdom and Malaysian Armed Forces, especially the RAF and RMAF.

Article of Malaysia Flying Herald. Photo: Flicker, wordpress.


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