Technical Datasheet: Type 056 Jiangdao Class Corvette - Chinese Navy

Type 056 Jiangdao Class Corvette - Chinese Navy
Description: Designed and built by Chinese shipyard CSSC (China State Shipbuilding Corporation) the Type 056 Corvette (Jiangdao class) (Video) combines a stealth design with modern weapon systems and sensors. Designed to replace the older Jianghu class frigates and Type 037 patrol vessels, Type 056 Corvettes are set to become the backbone of the PLA Navy with more than 20 vessels reported to be currently on order.

Crew complement of the Jiangdao class corvette is only one third that of the Type 053 Frigates. The new-type corvette will be mainly responsible for implementing missions such as patrolling, guarding and escorting as well as anti-submarine operations and operations against sea targets independently or in coordination with other forces. The commissioning of the first vessel of the class "Bengbu" in Februay 2013 marks that the PLA Navy has started upgrading and modernizing the core of its medium size vessels fleet.
Hull Number
- Export: An export variant of the Type 056 is marketed by Chinese company Poly Technologies

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» Patrol and surveillance
» Protection of EEZ
» Search and Rescue
Deck Equipment » 1x RHIB
» 4x Inflatable liferaft in hard-shelled canister
Weapons Guns:
» 1x H/PJ-26 76mm main gun (similar to Russian AK-176)
» 2x H/PJ-15 30mm dual mode (auto/manual) remote controlled naval turret
» 4x YJ-83 Anti-ship missiles (2 launchers with 2 missiles each)
» 1x AJK-10 (HQ-10) Surface to air missile launcher (8x missiles)
» 2x Triple torpedo launchers 324mm
Sensors, Electronics, Decoys
  • Combat Management and Information Systems:
  • Optronics:
    Type IR-17
  • Radars and Sensors:
    1x Type 360 air/surface search radar
    1x Type 760 navigation radar
    1x Type LR-66 fire control radar
    1x Type 754 helicopter control and approach radar
    1x Hull sonar
  • Decoys/Counter measures/Jammers:
    2x Jammers
    Decoy launchers
  • Communications:
    SITN240 SATCOM system
Engines/Propulsion/Power Propulsion type: CODAD (Combined diesel and diesel)
Diesel engines: 2x 16PA6V280STC
2x Propeller Shafts

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