Thales showcased its new TRINITY Integrated Littoral Defence Solution at LIMA 2013

At the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace exhibition 2013, Thales showcased its new TRINITY system. Thales TRINITY is a complete and integrated solution for situational awarness, command and control and fire control, adapted and optimised for any mission in the littoral environment. These include:

» Riverine & Inland Waterway Patrol
» Land Forces Support
» Customs Operations Support
» Special Operations Support
» Visit Board Search and Seize (VBSS) Actions
» Coastal and In-shore Patrol and Interdiction
» Choke Point Control & Defence
» Picket Boat and Harbour Defence Duties
» Fishery Protection

TRINITY is based on standard maritime building blocks, combined with dedicated fire control solution(s), allowing the execution of any kind of Anti-Surface Warfare mission in the littoral environment.

The main building blocks of TRINITY are:
» Surveillance sensors, including GPS and AIS information
» Observation sensors, both TV and IR
» Up to 3x Fire Control subsystems, including tracking sensors and, as an option, a pan and tilt system for small calibre (e.g. 12.7mm) guns (considered as GFE)
» Communications (typicaly VHF/UHF radios)
» Command and Control, including navigation support and evidence gathering

(Navy Recognition)


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