US holds large military drill in S.Korea

US forces in South Korea have held a large military drill. This follows North Korea's threat on Tuesday to scrap the 1953 armistice agreement that ended the Korean War.

The drill took place at a US base in Dongducheon in northern South Korea on Thursday. About 250 US and South Korean soldiers participated in maneuvers.
They practiced landing on the ground from 3 transport helicopters hovering 20 meters high.

The US forces say this is their first major landing drill in South Korea involving a special airborne unit from the US mainland.

One soldier who took part says the drill will deepen bilateral ties and help maintain peace and stability in the region.

General James Thurman is the top US military commander in South Korea. He says the armistice agreement has ensured peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula for 60 years.

Thurman says the United States is ready to defend South Korea.



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