Vietnam's SU-30MK2 pilots training for combat readiness

PANO – To be admitted to the officer training school, a candidate must meet strict requirements such as, among others, young age, fitness, and endurance.

SU-30MK2 – the modern, all-weather and long-range fighter

In training, pilots should regularly improve their fitness, strong mentality, acuteness and other abilities to deal with any circumstances in flight for safe flights.

PANO would like to introduce some images of daily training for pilots at Regiment 923 (Division 371, Air Defence and Air Force Service):

Pilots regularly conducting physical strength tests

It takes each pilot 1.5 hours a day to practice aviation physical exercises

Pilots getting acquainted with new fighters in a 3D simulation lab

Technicians comprehensively checking a fighter before taking off

An image being taken at an SU-30MK2’s cockpit


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