Cam Ranh plays key role in defense: Deputy PM

Authorities of Cam Ranh city must build the city into a strong defensive zone that can contribute to safeguarding the fatherland’s sovereignty, said Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

Vietnam's Stealth Frigate Gepard-class dock at Cam Ranh Military Port.

The deputy PM made the statement at a meeting with the city’s Party Committee to review the implementation of a resolution of the Party Central Committee on “the strategy to safeguard the fatherland in the new situation”.

Cam Ranh is a key locality not only of Khanh Hoa Province but also the country, since it is a gate way to the East Sea, thereby playing an important role in protecting the country’s sovereignty over seas and land, Phuc said.

Therefore, the Party Committees of the province and the city must issue directions to build Cam Ranh into “fundamental, uninterrupted and strong” area for defense, contributing to safeguarding the fatherland’s sovereignty.

The deputy PM also praised the city’s economic achievements after 10 years of implementing the above resolution.

Last year the city’s GDP growth rate reached 12.2 percent per year while its income per capita amounted to US$1,200 per year, six times higher than 10 years ago.

Phuc also asked the local authorities to prepare a plan to arrange the city into specific zones for economic development and for national defense.

Once the economy develops well, it will create good conditions for strengthening security and national defense, Phuc said.

Cam Ranh is the second-largest city in southern Khanh Hoa Province, after Nha Trang.

It is situated on Cam Ranh Bay, which is a deep-sea bay that is located at an inlet of the East Sea.

Tuoi Tre News


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