Indian Air Force succeeds the biggest aerial exercise with over 400 fighter jets participated

Considering the threat perception from both China and Pakistan, Indian Air Force (IAF) has upgraded its capabilities to meet any challenge from the two fronts simultaneously. These capabilities were tested successfully for the first time during the recent three-week war games 'Livewire' in which over 400 fighter jets participated.

An Indian Air Force LGH helicopter takes place in Indian Air Force's bigest Aerial Exercise 'Live Wire 2013'.

The biggest aerial exercise code named operation 'Live Wire' by deploying all its frontline aircraft, including the Su-30MKI, Jaguar, Mirage 2000 ,all MiG series platforms and Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS), from today. Live Wire has been the IAF's biggest exercise in a decade following the recently conducted Iron Fist held in the deserts of western Rajasthan.

Live Wire had earlier been scheduled for last March but was deferred due to other professional commitments. The last such drill, though at a slightly smaller scale, was carried out six years ago. The aerial exercise operation 'Live Wire' was held between March 16 and April 9 and involved the assets of IAF's main operational formations including the Delhi-based Western Command and Gandhi Nagar-based South Western Command, IAF officials said.

Live Wire is the most ambitious of these events since it will involve the entire IAF. The exercises was held in every command, both separately and in an integrated manner. The exercise is aimed at proving IAF's war fighting concepts under a networked atmosphere, they said.


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