Russia's Gepard class frigate lives firing

The 76mm cannon and Kh-35 anti-ship missile of Russian Gepard stealth frigate Project 11661 firing in an exercise.

In addition, two Gepard 3.9 were exported to Vietnam in 2011, Russian Navy has also equipped itself 2 ships.

The first was built in 1991, launched in 2001 called Tatarstan (hull number 691) with stretch of water all around 1,930 tons, length 102.14 m, width 13.09 m.

The ship was equipped with Kh-35 Uran anti-ship cruise missiles, the launchers are arranged along the 2 side of the vessel (later Vietnam's ships improved to cross-hull fitting for increasing stealth abilities).

By August 11 of 2012, Russia launched a new Project 11661K of Gepard class which improved strength of anti-ship weapons systems (using supersonic anti-ship missile with a range of 300km) and air defense weapons (equipped with a combination of guns, Palma-SU missiles similar to Vietnam's ships).


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