The first Vietnam-made Project 1241.8 will be joined to the Navy

(ĐVO) - After a startup time and hard work, the first high-speed missile boats Molniya made by Vietnam is going to be armed for the Navy.

Recently in LIMA 2013 defense exhibition held in Malaysia, Director General Vympel Shipyard , Mr. Oleg Belkov revealed that the first of six high-speed missile boats Molniya (Lightning) under the Project 1241.8 is being built in Vietnam under the Russian license, and will be delivered to customers by the end of 2013.

"Right now, the second one is in the workshop and the third is preparing to build."

Thus, the missile ship is called the "Toxic bee" which is first made by Vietnam may have been launched and run sea trials. In the end of the year, the ship will be delivered to Vietnam, contributing to strengthening the fight for the whole fleet.

Vympel Shipbuilding Plant has helped Vietnam built a series of Molnya missile ships under Project 1241.8. Vympel supplied synchronization details such as radar, weapons, electronic systems to Vietnam for building this high-speed missile boats in a transfer agreement of shipbuilding technology under license from Russia.

Vietnam plans to make 10 missile boats of this type, of which 6 units (Project 1241.1 ) are in a contract that made in Vietnam, the first four ships made in Russia and fully handed over to the Vietnam Navy.



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