Vietnam is expected to receive patrol vessels from Japan

Japan and Vietnam have organized plans to discuss maritime security issues in May this year in Hanoi - Japan's Kyodo agency reported on April 15th.

The bilateral discussion between Vietnam and Japan to promote maritime cooperation between the two countries amid China’s increasing assertiveness in the East China Sea and South China Sea, government sources said Saturday.

The two countries are expected to exchange views on Japan’s possible provision of patrol vessels to Vietnam during the first-ever bilateral talks on maritime security.

A report of Japan Times told that Vietnam has expressed the hope that Japan will provide patrol boats as part of Vietnam's efforts to improve its maritime security.

Also in this discussion, the two sides will reaffirm their tough stance to deal with the rapid growth of China and state the need to comply with international law, to ensure maritime security.

The senior officials of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Self Defense Forces will participate in the discussion.

A senior official of the Japanese foreign ministry said: "Japan considers Vietnam as a strategic partner to share common interests."

During discussions, the Japanese expected a presentation on maritime activities of China's growing around Senkauku Islands / Diaoyu under the control of Japan in the East China Sea, including unauthorized intrusions of Chinese vessels into Japanese territorial waters around the island.

Earlier, Japanese Ministry of Self Defense Forces is considering the sale hovercraft and rescue patrol US-2 to India. This is seen as a positive action to help the neighboring countries in the region strengthen patrols dealing the expansion of the Chinese navy.

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