VPAF conducts night flight training

Vietnam People's Air Force (VPAF) Regiment 940, Division 372, the Air Defence and Air Force Service organized night flight training on April 17th in Phu Cat airport.

The plane (Su-27) taking off

According to the command of the unit, it received technical support from involved agencies and units to conduct night flights.

Troops of the unit made a special effort to receive equipment and prepare for night flight training on the order from the Service’s Commander.

Thanks to good organization, preparation, excellent skills and experience of pilots, the night flight training drive was successful.

Commander of Division 372, Full Colonel Nguyen Phung Tuan said that the success in night fights was very significant, confirming the unit’s ability in organizing warfighting training, meeting the requirement of the new situation.

After the night flights, the division and regiment would review the whole process and draw lessons and experiences from the training drive in order to conduct other training drives.

Regiment 940 is supposed to take up its 24/24 duty, starting from the third quarter of the year.

Practicing a night flight for the first time in Phu Cat airport

The 372nd Air Division "Hai Van" was formed in September 1975, including the 925th and 940th Fighter Regiments.

Video: Regiment 929 ,the 372nd Air Division "Hai Van" conducted night flight traning in 2012


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