China held illegal exercise in Vietnam's Spratly Islands

China Television CCTV report Chinese naval forces with helicopters conducted military exercise in the East Vietnam Sea, China has carried out so-called "combat-ready patrols " and illegal exercises in the Spratly Islands under the sovereignty waters of Vietnam on May 12.

CCTV reports that a Chinese team of training warships have entered the waters of Spraty Island in the East Vietnam Sea. The warships, which belong to the Chinese navy's East China Sea fleet, have patrolled several islands in the area.

Maritime troops conducts anti-terrorist, anti-pirate drills and practise quick interception tactics. They will also be trained to provide better support in integrated wars and protection of maritime rights.

The team arrived in the East Sea via the western Pacific Ocean on Sunday. It has already concluded training missions involving single warship attack and defense, and airborne and seaborne drills.


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