Could the United States really go to war with China?

Are we on the brink of a new Cold War? The question isn't as outlandish as it seemed only a few years ago. The United States is still the sole reigning superpower, but it is being challenged by the rising power of China, just as ancient Rome was challenged by Carthage, and Britain was challenged by Germany in the years before World War I. Should we therefore think of the United States and China as we once did about the United States and the Soviet Union, two gladiators doomed to an increasingly globalized combat until one side fades?

Or are we entering a new period of diversified global economic cooperation in which the very idea of old-fashioned imperial power politics has become obsolete? Should we see the United States and China as more like France and Germany after World War II, adversaries wise enough to draw together in an increasingly close circle of cooperation that subsumes neighbors and substitutes economic exchange for geopolitical confrontation?

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  1. China is a nation formed by war aggressions from Qin to Mao dynasty. Chinese greed are insatiable coupling with world domination mindset like Nazi Germany become a serious threat not only to its immediate neighbors but the world at large. Chinese motives and intentions are clearer day to day, they first want to achieve hegemony in East and South East Asia then they will challenge the Russian for Siberia and Far East then they will turn against us. We will force to deal with them sooner or later.


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