France introduces stealth cruiser to Vietnam

With the stealth cruiser L'Adroit sent to Vietnam, France to unveil new modern warship, capable of stealth, is designed to make the task of protecting maritime sovereignty. The crew will come to Vietnam on May 27 for the visit lasting to June 1st, 2013.

Departure from the port of Toulon on 14 January 2013, the cruiser L'Adroit will return to the French port on July 15, after making a mission lasted 6 months.

During this mission, the ship is primarily operating in the Indian Ocean region in the framework of the anti-piracy operations and patrolling the exclusive economic zone of France in the Indian Ocean.

In Southeast Asia, in addition to visit the port city of Hai Phong, L'Adroit cruiser also visited Singapore and Jakarta (Indonesia).

During his visit to Vietnam, representatives of Hai Phong City People's Committee and the Coast Guard to visit the ship. On this occasion, the French will hold a press conference on board.

This visit is part of the French-Vietnamese year, and aims to introduce Vietnam People's Navy the new model of cruiser and its mission. The visit of L'Adroit is also an opportunity to affirm the relationship of bilateral cooperation between France and Vietnam in both economic and military.

As the ship model for testing, the Gowind class OPV (pour Offshore Patrol Vessel), L'Adroit is a patrol boat designed by DCNS and it has been devoted to the French National Navy.

L'Adroit, has capability of stealth, is designed to make the task of protecting maritime sovereignty.

The ability to sustain operations of the ship through a variety of weapons systems and equipment for patrol and coast guards, such as speedboats, helicopters, equipment and unmanned reconnaissance, electronic warfare systems, secured-broadband communication systems, commanding systems, the cockpit equipped the system that can be observed 360 degree panoramic view and the supersonic boats launcher.

Class overview
Builders: DCNS
Operators:  Marine Nationale
Preceded by: P400 class patrol vessel
Built: May 2010 – June 2011
In commission: 2012 –
Building: 1
Planned: 1
Completed: 1
Active: 1
General characteristics
Class & type: Gowind class
Displacement: 1,450 t (1,450 t) (full load)
Length: 285.43 ft (87.00 m)
Beam: 36.1 ft (11.0 m)
Draft: 10.82 ft (3.30 m)
Installed power: Electrical:
Propulsion: 2 Anglo Belgian Corporation V12 diesel engines, 5.6 MW
Speed: 21 knots (39 km/h; 24 mph)
Range: 8,000 nmi (14,800 km; 9,200 mi) at 12 knots (22 km/h; 14 mph)
Endurance: 30 days
Boats & landing

craft carried:
2x 9 m (30 ft) RHIBs
Complement: 30 core crew, up to 29 troops
Sensors and

processing systems:

  • DCNS Polaris combat management system
  • Terma Scanter 6002 I-Band surface search radar
  • Terma Scanter 4102 I-Band air and surface search radar
  • Sagem EOMS (Electro Optical Multisensor System) NG
  • Sagem SIGMA 40D Inertial measurement unit
  • LinkSrechts Helicopter visual landing aid system
Electronic warfare

& decoys:

  • 1x 20 mm cannon
  • 2x .50-cal machine guns
Aircraft carried:
Aviation facilities: helicopter pad and hangar


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