Indian warships equipped with ship killer missiles sailing to south China sea

Two of the three Indian warships to visit Southeast Asian countries (Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam) is equipped with "ship killer" supersonic Klub and BrahMos missiles.

According to The News Strait Times, Indian Navy sends 4 warships to south China sea in order to perform a series of operations with the Southeast Asian countries, (coming to Vietnam scheduled beginning on May 29).

The warships on the go including: the stealth destroyer INS Satpura, INS Rajput class destroyers Ranvija; INS Kirch corvette and INS Shakti supplier ship. In particular, INS Satpura and INS Kirch departs from Singapore after attending the maritime exhibition IMDEX 2013 (in picture). Two remaining INS Ranvijay and INS Shakti depart from India.

The stealth destroyer INS Satpura is the second largest ship among the 4 ships. Accordingly, INS Satpura stretch of water is 6,800 tons full load, 142.5 m long, 16.9 m wide. The ship is operated by a crew team of up to 257 people (35 officers).

The INS Satpura equipped with modern weapons: 8 anti-ship cruise missiles, supersonic Klub (more than 200 km range) missiles, medium-range air defense systems (30km range) Shtil-1, low-level air defense system Barak and AK-630; 76mm gunboat. The ship can carry 2 anti-submarine helicopters.

The INS Kirch Corvette (Kora class) stretch of water is 1,400 tons, 91.1 m long, 134 person crew.

The INS Kirch equipped with 16 supersonic Kh-35 Uran-E cruise missiles, Strela-2M low-to-air missiles, AK-630 anti-aircraft artillery and 76.2 mm gunboats. Weapons configuring of INS Kirch is equivalent of Vietnam's Project 12418 Molniya.

The INS Ranvijay (D55) destroyer of Rajput class stretch of water is 4,974 tons, 147m long, the ship crew of 320 personnel. This is one of the large ship of the older generation of Indian Navy.

This 3 warships are logistics supported by INS Shakti (A57) which stretch of water is up to 27,550 tons, 175 meters long. The ship is capable of carrying 15,500 tons of liquid (water, fuel ships and aircraft) and 500 tons of dry cargo (food, ammunition).

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