Philippine president warns China over sea disputes

Bloomberg, (U.S.) May 9th, reported Philippine President Benigno Aquino III said that China could hurt relations with trading partners if it does not respect the decision of the UN International Court of Arbitration sponsored in the event that Philippines sues China over its claim on disputed territory in the South China Sea (known as The West Philippine Sea in The Philippines).

In an interview with Bloomberg reporter on May 8th in the capital of Manila (Philippines), Mr. Benigno Aquino warned as above when he asked whether China's ability to comply with the judgment of the International Court of Arbitration or not.

He explained that if China wants to maintain growth, this country has access to foreign markets and resources. But when the partners fear of trade relations with China, the access will be difficult. He said there is no clear indication that there is a policy for economic blockade against China in the region except China expresses intention to use military force to resolve disputes in the South China Sea in the near future.

He said there is a bit difficult to understand the intentions of the Chinese people. President Benigno Aquino, a Chinese descent, had been to visit his ancestral hometown in Fujian Province in 2011.

Meanwhile, the television station TV5 (Philippines) quoted a senior military officer said on May 9th, about five to eight Chinese fishing boats entered Ayungin reefs. The source said the Chinese fishermen had built reasonable structural iron and rope on Ayungin reefs.

According to television station TV5, the previous day, Philippine fishing boats had to flee when two Chinese ships, including a battleship and a naval patrol ships appeared just 9-11 km from Ayungin reef.



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