Russian Media: Vietnam negotiates buying Russian missiles

(ĐVO) Vietnam will soon continue signing contracts to buy more equipment and new sophisticated modern weapons from Russia to enhance combat capability for the country's armed forces, Russian media said on May 14.

Russian S-400 Air Defense System (Illustration)

Russia and Vietnam are discussing about some military technical-support contracts, Director of The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC), Alexander Fomin said on Tuesday.

"The new contract could be signed in the near future" - said the header of FSMTC, he refers to the discussion of providing military equipment and new weapons to Vietnam.

Fomin further revealed that Vietnam have expressed interest in Russian advanced weapons systems, especially in the medium-range and long-range air defense systems, fighter planes, equipment for Navy ships. Mr. Fomin stressed that, at present, the details of the new contract is being prepared.

"When everything is agreed, we will publish the report on the contract," Fomin told Russian Military News.


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