Russian missile systems can overcome any defense

According to Izvestia, Russia has stepped into the new enhancements to the missile system Iskander M campaign strategy allows to overcome missile defense system at the most current , including the system of American Patriot and Aegis and missile defense system of the Israeli Arrow.

The electronic warfare system new role as a means of effective camouflage for Iskander missile complexes in M as our last flight phase. That is the sensor and the positive interference for passive radar reconnaissance and fire control system of air defense and anti- missile defense opponents by creating the noise .

A senior representative from the Russian Defense Ministry told Izvestia that the details of Iskander M improvements have been transferred to the military missile brigade in the Western and Southern Military District ( Russian Federation).

"I can not speak specifically about the number and feature of the missiles, but Russia does not plan to completely replace the present Iskander-M missile brigades with the new and improved missile combination", Representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry explained.

With this new feature, Iskander M missile complexes will solidify as an effective deterrent capability and putting pressure on any U.S. decision to deploy missile defense system in Europe. It should be stressed that the missile defense system the United States not only acts as a safety symbol for Europe, but in economic terms it is the weapon system is expensive, are considered weapons of giauTo missile Iskander tactical campaign was developed in the Soviet Union late 1980s to replace the complex Tochka and Tochka U. Iskander was first recognized in 2006 equipped /.


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