Video: Grand parade marks 68th anniversary of WWII victory on May 9th at Red Square

(GDVN) - The annual military parade to celebrate the 68th anniversary of Victory Day over Fascism begin at 10 am on May 9th according to local time at the Red Square in Moscow.

The Parade held with the participation of more than 11,000 military personnel, 101 military vehicles and 68 combat aircraft.

Many major weapons modernization of the Russian army will be in the public eye as mobile air defense systems Buk-2 M2 medium-range, air defense systems S-400 Triumf.

Msta-152mm self-propelled guns capable of firing S chemical and tactical nuclear weapons, tactical missile systems Iskander-M mobile, Su-25SM, Su-27, MiG-29 ...

The 45 minutes parade was with the presence of numerous veterans, the Russian people and people over the world.


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