BrahMos missile will be fitted to Su-30KMI before the end of 2013

The installation of the BrahMos supersonic missile and throwing guided bomb for India's Su-30MKI will be made before the end of 2013.

India's Su-30MKI equipped with Brahmos Missile

Lenta quoted the director of the Joint venture Russian- Indian BrahMos Aerospace, Sivathanu Pillai, said the BrahMos missiles, that launched from aircraft with the capable of flying at a rate of mach 3.0, will be incorporated into the Indian Air Force (IAF).

IAF currently has 120 Su-30MKI and expected to have a total of 270 aircraft.

BrahMos missile developed on the basis of the Russian Yakhont missile which can destroy targets at a range up to 300 km.

BrahMos Aerospace is developing 4 variants to deploy BrahMos on the ground, surface ships, aircrafts and submarines. The missile was deployed on the ground equipped for the Indian Ground Force.

Submarine-launched variant was tested last month (May 2013).

In October 2012, the improved BrahMos variant equipped with guidance system similar to the systems used for Russia's Kh-101 and Kh-555 strategic cruise missile.

Backup system for Doppler-inertial guidance systems on missiles, and editing is done by global positioning signal, GPS-GLONASS.

Meanwhile, the guided bombs is expected to be produced in three main sizes: 100, 250 and 500 kg based on the type and size of unguided bombs.

In October 2010, DRDO has developed LGB laser-guided bombs.

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