British Army Unveils 30-Tonne Remote Controlled Armored Digger

The British Army has taken delivery of its most advanced engineering vehicle - a remote controlled armoured digger. The 30-tonne vehicle, known as Terrier, can be used to dig holes, lift objects, drill into the ground and even shatter concrete with troops a safe distance away. Terrier, which can reach speeds of almost 50mph, will be used by the Royal Engineers to carry out tasks in the UK and on 'the battlefields of the future'.
  • Will be used to dig holes, lift objects, drill into ground and shatter concrete
  • Can reach speeds of almost 50mph and is able to be controlled remotely
  • Machine gun and smoke grenade launchers can also be fitted for combat
  • Army will receive 60 Terriers as part of £360m project with BAE Systems
The British Army's most advanced engineering vehicle, which is known as Terrier
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