China blocks Philippines' Second Thomas Shoal

Global Times on June 6 cited "reliable source", said China determines to block Philippines' resupply for the garrison stationed in the Second Thomas Shoal in the Spratlys, south China sea.

A Chinese warship “illegally” appears at the Second Thomas Shoal near the contested Spratly Islands
A Chinese warship “illegally” appears at the Second Thomas Shoal in the disputed Spratly Islands

Earlier, on June 5 Philippine media said Beijing had to add 1 maritime surveillance vessel pervading around the shoal area to watch and prevent Philippines' resupply logistics activities in the area. However, Defense Minister and Commander of the Philippine Navy determined to maintain this operations.

The "Reliable Source" through Global Times on the threatening tone: "Philippine ships will have no any idea about the back to the Second Thomas Shoal !"

The "source" also confirmed a missile destroyer of the Chinese navy has left the shoal after US attack aircraft carrier USS Nimitz entered the South China Sea for 2 day exercises.

However, Glonal Times said, the U.S. still maintains a large force in the South China Sea with Richard amphibious assault ship, Tortuga amphibious ship, Rasmussen missile frigate that totaling forces of about 1,000 personnels.

A report of GDVN quoted analyst of Alex Woo and Tsim Sha Tsui on South China Morning Post on June 6, said China has no historical evidence, singly claims the South China Sea with "nine dash lines" is their territory and the Beijing's military forces repeatedly pledged to "protect" the so-called "sovereignty" in the region.

Beijing has always condemned the historical period of Japanese militarism which has invaded and caused much suffering for their people, but China is gradually becoming a Japanese former - uses forces to claim "sovereignty" and take over the entire South China Sea. However, according to Alex Woo and Tsim Sha Tsui, the days of using forces to conquer other countries to usurp territory were long past.


  1. Guess, Philippines Government is begging US to return to subic & clark.

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