China 'generates fear' in Asia-Pacific: US general

It’s not unknown that China is causing maritime disputes with its Asian neighbours. What bothers though is China’s dubious military buildup. A deputy commander of the US Marine Forces Pacific expressed his concern at the Pentagon on what China’s shady activity can do in the Asia-Pacific region.

Brig. Gen. Richard Simcock said that China’s lack of transparency regarding its military buildup as well as its purpose will generate fear in the region. The MC General’s expressed concern was brought about by the continuous, if not escalating, territorial issues of China with Japan and the Philippines. China has deployed patrols around, if not within, both countries’ marine territories. Despite diplomatic interventions from Japan and the Philippines, China remains resolute with its claims. Even US President Barack Obama urged Chinese President Xi Jinping, during their recent meeting in California, to “de-escalate, not escalate” disputes with Japan and to have conversations “through diplomatic channels and not through actions out of the East China Sea.”

The Philippines, however, remains too diplomatic in dealing its territorial disputes with China, which have been intensified because of the archipelago’s issues involving Taiwan over a fisherman that got killed. And if Hong Kong’s racist hurls to the Philippines during their supposed friendly Football match at the Mong Kok Stadium last June 4 can be counted to intensify the neighbours’ ailing relationship, then the Philippines better think of a more effective way to settle their disputes. And they should bear in mind how stern China is. Japan, on the other hand, is joining a US-led amphibious training, which has already begun on Monday and will end on the 26th of this month. Simcock also said that Japan wants “to greatly increase their amphibious capability.” The military drill, called Dawn Blitz 2013, also involves Canada and New Zealand. “Japan is an example of a country, one that has the capability to develop and produce those kinds of forces, amphibious ships, which are not easy to build.”

Although Gen. Richard Simcock said that what China is doing “generates fear,” he added that the natural disasters Asia-Pacific nations are prone to have also increase their concerns. “The typhoon, the earthquake, the tidal wave, the tsunami. It’s coming. So, countries act. When there’s fear, they take actions to reduce the risk and make sure that the populace is safe,” he said. China is sure to keep its stand. Other nations should also make their resolve; regardless if China is not “very transparent” military buildup will result to something MC Brig. Gen. Richard Simcock is anxious about or not.

Japan Daily Press


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