Taiwan hit U.S. warships Sea fishing protection antisubmarine aircraft sides almost go to war

It was reported that the U.S. P-3C anti-submarine aircraft circled for a long time in Kunming empty ship, ship personnel were tense, but fortunately only a false alarm. Kunming ship is equipped with Hsiung Feng II anti-ship missiles and seventy-six cannon, and another self-installation of short quadruple sea Cong tree missiles. Source: Taiwan's "ETTV"

World Wide Web Roundup media reports, Taiwan's navy hull number 1205 Kangding level (Lafayette) frigates "Kunming ship", on March 25 in the Spratlys' Taiping Island neighborhood in South China Sea, was the U.S. military a P -3C anti-submarine aircraft flying at low altitude, circling, reconnaissance up to twice as long. At that time all shipboard personnel into combat position, and upon inspection that the U.S. military machine and enmity and confirmed a false alarm.

According to Taiwan's "Liberty Times" reported that the completion of Kunming ship the same day after the Taiping Island transportation and supply, leaving less than 100 nautical miles Taiping Island high seas encounters U.S. P-3C anti-submarine aircraft. The sources said at the time P-3C anti-submarine aircraft from the past to be clearly visible on the tail of the Navy "NAVY" lettering and military insignia.

to know that the P-3C's start back to Kunming-ship starboard stern fly, then looked back to bow on the left, and finally back to the ship stern to starboard and disappeared the air. As happened suddenly, Kunming ship immediately electromagnetic wave emission controls, while the P-3C for route tracing, confirmed that the U.S. military machine, not only to enhance the combat readiness alert and open-to-air radar.

In this regard, the Taiwan Navy Command, confirmed that a country through the P-3 aircraft Kunming ship, but stressed that is not hovering at a distance of five nautical miles away warships, without any unusual behavior. A general then wonder that in the past warships on the high seas have encountered a "friends" military reconnaissance, but flew directly, never seen such a low hover fly is also very rare, rather unusual.

It is reported that Taiwan warships in the South China Sea fishing protection is not the first "coincidence" the U.S. military. Taiwan Navy hull number 1805 Kidd-class "horse fair ship", on the 16th morning break Taiwan temporary enforcement line at latitude 20 degrees on the way, found that the U.S. military top secret naval "observation Island No." follow up to 2,3 hours before leave. Observation Island No. specifically responsible for tracking ballistic missile tests around the world.

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