Vietnam warns on sea disputes with attack weapons armed for Kilo Subs

(Soha News) The original design of the Kilo 636 submarines without arming missiles to destroy targets on land (sea-to-surface/ sea-to-ground missile). But Vietnam's Russian- built Kilo 636MV submarines are equipped with 3M-14E missiles for ground attack.

The requirement of Vietnam

With a view to arming to defend the country's sovereignty without using or threatening to invade other countries, Weapons that Vietnam has bought are only defensive. The missile used for land attack, or destroy targets on land, is not considered as defensive weapons.

For this viewpoint, the only exception is that Vietnam armed Scud missiles (ground to groumd missile). They are fitted amid the historical context when Vietnam and China have deeply conflicted, Vietnam armed Scud to regard as deterrent weapons to avoid a war similar to 1979.

the 3M-14E missile, a range of 290 km, 400 kg warhead
The 3M-14E missile, a range of 290 km, warhead weighed 400 kg

The Vietnam's Russian built Kilo class submarines are signed to export for 7 countries including China, India, Iran, Poland, Romania, Algeria and Vietnam. Vietnam's Kilo submarines will be installed cruise missiles for land attack with 3M-14E latest type, has a range of 290 km. The missiles are not approved to export to China by the Russian Ministry of Defence. Only 3 countries that Russia exported this missile to are India and Algeria.

It should be noted that the weapons on the Russian Kilo-636 is equipped with the review and requirement of customers. Because of the specific requirements so the price of Vietnam's Kilo Submarines is much higher than China's ones. Thus it can be stated that 3M-14E missiles equipped for Vietnam's Kilo Submarines are the requirement of Vietnam.

The steel punch

--> New submarine for the Vietnamese Navy is on its way from Russia

In the disputed islands issue in the South China Sea, China falls into a disadvantage in terms of geography, they try to switch weapons facilities near the disputed islands as possible. Instances of this is that China has built a giant military bases in Sanya (Hainan Island), priority is the most modern weapons and facilities. Besides strengthening forces on Woody Island in the Paracel Islands that Chinese invasions of Vietnam, China wants to turn Sanya and Paracel Islands into the place of rallying the Air Force and Navy when conflicts occur.

South China Sea Map

In this context, Vietnam called to equip itself with the weapons that can stop the Chinese forces in Hainan Island. And the 3M-14E missile, a range of 290 km, 400 kg warhead was chosen. The vessel for carrying this missile is the Kilo 636MV submarine which can reach and launch the steel punches to paralyze the enemy bases. With the lack of support from the Air Force as well as logistics resupply techniques, Chinese forces fighting in the South China Sea will fall into difficult situations.

Then Vietnam will use Air Force aircrafts including the Su-30MK2, Su-30MK2V, Su-27,... and Navy surface ships with submarines sorties from Central Coast aided by anti-aircraft and ground-to-sea missiles (S-300, K-300P Bastion-P, 4K44B Redut, Uran E,...) Vietnam will fully control the South China Sea.

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  1. China is sooo greedy and they will eat smaller countries. Now other countries are arming and all will be fighting against them.

  2. matatapos rin ang kahayupan mong insik ka wala kadiyos napagahaman.ang layo mo sa spratly tapos aagawin mo makakarma ka rin.god bless philippines

    rene ng mindanao

  3. Warning! for the ASEAN countries, if you're divided, China will eat all of you, one by one!

  4. No other nation on earth could understand well and fight well against China like Vietnam. History of thousands years of VN proves that, C'on Chinaman, behave yourself in the term of relation with its neighbours...


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