Video: Feel about Russian military power in 3 minutes

( ) - Video of "Russian military power", a collection of real military exercise images of the Russian armed forces, the army is on the path to strongly reform and modernize.

According to the report "Military Balance 2013", the total number of troops in the regular forces of the Russian army was 845,000 people, the defense budget is 68.9 billion dollars in 2013, projected to rise to $78 billion in 2014.

The Ground Force has 250,000 troops with 2,800 main battle tank (MBT), over 7,360 armored infantry fighting vehicles ( AIFV ), 1,106 rocket artillery and more than 5,436 assault guns.

The Russian Navy has four main fleets with 130,000 troops, 1 heavy cruiser roling as an aircraft carrier, 5 cruisers, 18 destroyers, 9 corvettes and 64 submarines.

Russian Air Force has 150,000 troops with 1,462 combat aircrafts and 1,000 helicopters.

Besides the Army, Air Force and Navy, Russia has other forces as independent Strategic Missile Forces , Space Defense Forces and Paratrooper Defense Forces. Since 2010, the Russia Army has been divided into four military regions that are The Northern Military Region, The Eastern Military Region, the Western Military Region and the Southern Military Region.


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